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As The Turkey House & Deli, we only sell grain-fed free run grade "A" fresh turkeys, raised by the same loyal farmers for over 20 years in Manitoba. All of our turkeys are antibiotic and hormone free, given one shot mandated by the federal government at birth, and raised naturally until maturity.

All turkey stored at 0 F (-17 C) or below must be labelled frozen or previously frozen, in accordance with the Canadian Federal Government. Only turkey that has never been below 26 F can be labelled fresh in Canada.

There is no quality difference between a fresh or frozen turkey at the point they are harvested, however, due to the flash freezing process of frozen turkeys, many of the natural juices from the turkey will expand (think of an ice cube), breaking down the meat fibers. This can lead to a dryer tasting bird. Some people find that there is a discernable taste difference between fresh turkey and frozen turkey. The quality of the turkey meat is often determined by the farm that raised the turkeys, so it helps to remain friends with our farmers!

Consumers can be assured that they are getting their money's worth whenever they purchase turkey because it is always a high-quality product. Turkey is a nutrient dense, low fat, high protein food that is available at a relatively low price for its qualities. Fresh turkeys usually come with a higher price tag. In order to maintain the required safety standards, a fresh turkey will be handled differently than a frozen turkey. They must be handled with higher safety precautions, and therefore, usually require more knowledgeable and well-trained staff members. Since a frozen turkey has a much longer shelf life, it is likely to be at the market for a longer time, which will drop its price even further after the holiday season.

A fresh turkey does not require two to three days to thaw. It is ready to get started whenever you are. This makes the last minute stop for a fresh turkey much easier. Many believe it is also safer for health reasons. A frozen turkey is often left on the counter or in the sink for several hours or days to thaw, which leads to an outer portion at room temperature while the inside still thaws. It is best to thaw a frozen turkey in the fridge, which can take up to a week, however, a fresh turkey eliminates all of the hassle and the potential health risks that come with monitoring a turkey's thawing process, and guessing when it is safe to eat.