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The Turkey House & Deli began in 1976 as the brainchild of a delightful European woman named Erika Siperko, and her children Klaus, Werner, and Rita. Originally the owner of Oma's Kitchen, a local gourmet deli and restaurant in Surrey, British Columbia, Erika was told by her doctors to eliminate all red meat and reduce her fat and cholesterol in her diet due to a diagnosed heart condition. Having grown up and lived throughout Europe during her childhood, Erika has been raised on elaborately flavourful European meats, which all hung from the walls in her deli, and the thought of a diet without these was distressing.

Determined to recreate her favourite coldcuts, sausages, and fresh meats from a heart-healthy alternative, Erika turned to her family for inspiration and the Turkey House & Deli was soon born, the family becoming pioneers of the industry in British Columbia.

While turkey was lower in fat and cholesterol, and generally viewed as a healthier meat than pork or beef, it was still rare in the 1970’s to find these birds in grocery stores at any time of year other than Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas. Armed with hard work, a good attitude, and even better recipes, the family hoped to change that. Months were spent searching for the perfect turkeys, and many more months spent perfecting an ever-growing list of recipes. Concluding their painstaking search, turkey growers were brought on board (and they've kept the very same ones ever since).

Erika and Klaus, now married to Bonnie, along with family members Rita and Werner, were all soon heavily involved and up to their elbows in turkeys, working day and night in their kitchens, recreating their favourite dishes all the while substituting turkey in the recipes. Anyone lucky enough to be a close friend of the family at this time will tell you that they sure ate heartily as taste testers during these early years.

Over 35 years and hundreds of recipes later, The Turkey House & Deli is still in the family, and although Erika has retired, Klaus, Bonnie, and Rita carry on in the tradition, continuously creating delicious new meals in their workshops. The Turkey House & Deli now boasts over twelve different varieties of turkey sausage, 20 different flavours of coldcuts including our signature turkey ham, and nearly 30 different cooked items, including full take-home dinners, turkey jerky, pepperoni, an assorted variety of turkey pastries, and much, much more.

New ideas happen all the time at the Turkey House. After all, any time is turkey time ™.